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Photos from Winni 2006

From Rebekah Kerr

From Anne Littlefield

From John Hartley

From Rosemary Sanborn

From Jim McCarthy

From Erik Nielsen

From David Hodges

From Ken Krall

From Elvi Dalgaard

  Old-time photos from Winni's Past

Old pictures sent in by Erik Nielsen

Old pictures sent in by John Barrow

Old pictures sent in by Elvi

Old pictures sent in by Mary Ellen Harrison

And scroll down for some highlights of Winni 2006
Earth Ball --Erik Nielsen
  --David Hodges
Dan Klopp and Ian Adamson at rhythms --David Hodges
Creative Writing --David Hodges
Dot, proprietor of the Winni Scoop Shop! --David Hodges
Elizabeth and Sallie --David Hodges
Four in a row! --Jim McCarthy
Emery and Harrison --David Hodges
World Prayer Broadcast; --Elvi Dalgaard
Rhythms --David Hodges
Ken and Elizabeth Krall at Winni, several days after they got engaged. From left to right, Charlotte Krall, Don Krall, Elizabeth Bramley (Krall), Ken Krall (dark glasses), George Krall. The two girls with Don Krall are not identified! --Ann Krall